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Vineyard Newsletter

28 October 2013

The window between grape harvest and autumn cover crop sowing is often very tight.

28 April 2013

At Kiwi Seed, we are constantly looking at old and new varieties on the market that have potential to help improve our clients needs.

28 October 2012

How about increasing the economic and ecological value of your vineyard, by sowing one of the following perennial pasture grasses together with a mix of legumes interrow between your vines?

27 April 2012

Vineyard –Cover Crops- Sowing time

A traditional pure grass sowing in vineyards is neither up-to-date nor a healthy option in terms of the sustainable production of first class wine, NZ relies on in order to compete with the world market.

The secret to future success is taking care of a vital part in the growing system- the soil..