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From browntop and danthonia to cocksfoot, brome grass, winter fescue and clovers.

Bruce Webb farms land at Tuamarina and recently purchased hill block up the Omaka Valley.

From day one his intention was to develop the Omaka Valley block into finishing country for cattle. This would require capital fertiliser and new pasture species, as well as manage resident sub clover into a better performing asset. A 2 year program of spraying and short term grass/ brassica mixes were under taken, this to eliminate the resident grass species prior to seeding permanent pasture plants.

grass winter fescue and clovers

Photo: Cefalu Arrowleaf flowering at Omaka Valley November 2013.

North facing and south facing blocks are seeded with cultivars best suited to each situation. Autumn 2013 north facing blocks received a mix of Prima Gland Clover, Cefalu Arrowleaf Clover, Rosabrook Sub Clover, Uplands Cocksfoot, Prosper Tall Fescue, Exceltas Brome Grass and Tonic Plantain.

Cefalu Arrowleaf Clover is todays focus.

Sown into the correct situation Cefalu will produce a large volume of protein to maximise growing animal requirements over the critical months August- November.Cefalu is mid- maturing, similar to Bolta Balansa, the difference is Balansa will tolerate water logging, Cefalu won`t.

cefalu bumble bee 

Cefalu is highly palatable, even the stems are utilized. It has an erect growth habit with large white to red flowers pollinated by insects.

Cefalu is small seeded with high levels of hard seed for long term re-generation.

Animal bloat risk is low due to good levels of plant tannins.

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