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Clarence Bridge Pasture Trial - Observation and Score 27th June 2016


8 Exceltas coloured brome
7 Gala grazing brome
7 Prosper tall fescue
7 Easton tall fescue
4 Maru phalaris
5 Kahu timothy
8 Uplands cocksfoot
8 Megatas cocksfoot
8 Savvy cocksfoot
4 Aberdart ryegrass
4 Samson ryegrass

exceltas gala.300x0 

left Exceltas coloured brome- right Gala grazing brome

prosper easton.300x0

left Prosper tall fescue - right Easton tall fescue

upland megatas.300x0

left Uplands cocksfoot- right Megatas cocksfoot

savvy aberdart.300x0

left Savvy cocksfoot- right Aberdart ryegrass

As expected winter is the period for grass production, this is what we expected and this is what was observed.
After two seasons of extreme dry, cocksfoots, fescues and brome grasses are the standout species, they appear unaffected by previous weather conditions.
The cocksfoots in fact may be too strong which may retard the growth of clovers this coming spring, yet to be proved.
A difference in winter active cultivars vs summer active cultivars stands out this winter Prosper tall fescue, Uplands cocksfoot, Exceltas coloured brome and Gala grazing brome have more DM on offer than other species.
Conclusion the species are behaving as expected and advised by the various plant breeders.

0 Nomad white clover
0 Relish red clover
0 Rubitas red clover
3 Runner II lucerne
0 Caucasian clover
0 Prima gland clover
0 Arrotas arrowleaf clover
0 Cefalu arrowleaf clover
0 Lusa persian clover
0 Balansa clover
1 Strawberry clover - seedlings
1 Woogenellup sub clover - seedlings
1 Napier sub clover - seedlings
1 Rosabrook sub clover - seedlings

As to be expected clovers being spring and summer active little activity is evident.
The white and red clovers have largely disappeared.
Runner II lucerne plants are very dormant as expected, Runner has a dormancy factor of 3
Top flowering annuals, nil activity, rains have only just arrived in this coastal area, germination may yet occur, a false strike in January will affect final plant numbers.
Strawberry clover and sub clover seedling plants were evident, but not in large numbers.

This spring will be interesting.

Regards Bruce

exceltas gala

prosper easton

savvy aberdart

upland megatas