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Field day at "The Jordan"

Beef and Lamb NZ organised a farm visit on the property of Hugo and Kelly Pitts at “The Jordan”, halfway up the Awatere Valley Tues, 28 March.
Two good speakers in Prof D. Moot and Dr Rebecca Hickson lay the foundation for the day in the woolshed prior to lunch, speaking on farming topics, namely pasture legumes and beef cow conditioning prior to and after calfing.

After lunch 4 wheel drive vehicles were put to use ferrying visitors around the property. The Farm drive took in improved pasture developments over the past 5 years. Hugo is a convert to mixed species pasture and the Lincoln University theme 70% legume 30% grass.
Spray and pray is the only option available on most of Marlborough`s steeper hill country and in my opinion and others on the day a very good result was seen at “The Jordan”.

On Average 11 species are mixes as the pasture, the main requirement of any plant wishing to be included is a decent root system and the ability to survive cold winters and hot dry summers. Cocksfoot, tall fescues, pasture bromes, timothy, sub clover, herbs and red clover have all been included. Common in all these mixes is a top flowering annual clover Arrowleaf, this is proving the standout legume, backed up by perennials including white clover.

Kiwi Seed have two cultivars of Arrowleaf “Cefalu” as the early and "Arrotas" as the late cultivar.
Arrowleaf clover is not for all, but if you enjoy a hot dry summer and sub clover is present on your property you should be talking to either Bruce or Maren at Kiwi Seed and check the benefits of multi species pastures with Arrowleaf clover, the proof is in the pudding.

Field day at The Jordan

Field day at The Jordan 2

 Field day at The Jordan 3