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Runner II Lucerne

Steve MacKenzie who farms in the Wairau Valley west of Blenheim reports his Runner II Lucerne stand is producing above his expectations.
Sown Spring 2014, Runner was selected for fine stems and high leaf ratio.

Steve`s Market is small bales into the equine and lifestyle farms around Nelson and Blenheim. Two cuts of hay already taken up to the 30/11/2016. Six cuts expected over the growing season. The stand is on target to produce 20.000kg DM/ha not bad for a plant developed as a grazing option.

Go to the internet and look up the word `Falcata’, a very interesting story told here.

Steve is a great advocate for addressing fertiliser balance. Lucerne will respond to a high Ph and trace elements boron, molybdate, magnesium etc. Consideration of trace elements should be discussed with your fertiliser advisor.

Old grain and seed trade numbers confirm, 35 small bales of Lucerne hay per tonne is the required trading standard. Based on this factor a return of $7000 per ha gross is possible.
Remember rain damaged Lucerne hay is very suitable for the home garden as mulch, make the most of urban wealth.

Have a good Christmas and a happy New Year

Runner II Lucerne