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Seed & Advice

Kiwi Seed`s aim is to support you in finding the most suitable plant species available for your needs. As an independent seed supply company, we are in the position to select seed varieties, which we believe are best suited for our client requirements. Our seed mixes are based on local, national and international experiences and research publications.

We offer expert advice and apply it to your situation. With appropriate species selection, sowing rates and best management practices paddock productivity can be highly increased all year round, new land can be developed and farms prosper in ways previously believed unprofitable.


Dryland Pasture

Kiwi Seed is the dryland species specialist in NZ. Dryland is what we have faced on a home front and it is where we aim to help others in dryland environments throughout NZ. 

Please find more information about our selection of specialized dryland varieties from the sidebar.



Vineyard managers struggle with the same issues as our local farmers - dry and compact soils, most lacking in nitrogen. We can help to improve vineyard productivity. We have winter active fescues supplying feed when you want it and becoming summer dormant when moisture is needed for the plant rather than the ground cover. We stock nitrogen fixing legumes, insect attracting species and other species that will return nutrients, help pollination and maintain soil health.