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Kiwi Seed

Kiwi Seed

has a proud history of working to improve the pasture landscape of the dryland areas of NZ farming.
Established in 1989

Established in 1989

The diversified nature of our business has enabled Kiwi Seed to become a one-stop shop for Lifestylers and Farm managers alike.
Grain and Seed Merchants

Grain and Seed Merchants

Marlborough owned and operated with a processing plant and retail outlet.

Kiwi Seed Co. (Marl) Ltd

Your Dryland Seed Specialist in New Zealand

Kiwi Seed has a proud history of working to improve the pasture landscape of the dryland areas of NZ farming. With its origins in Marlborough, a summer dry environment that has seen its fair share of droughts and difficult times, it has been Kiwi Seeds overriding goal to ensure that the regions farms have adequate feed matter to support their designated farming system. Whilst pasture improvement has remained constant, the diversification into supplementary feed has seen Kiwi Seed become involved with the cropping of Barley, Wheat, Peas and Oats amongst other feed crops.

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Kiwi Seed`s aim is to support you in finding the best suitable pasture plants available for your needs.


Different Pasture seeds, such as Clover, Lucerne and Grasses are multiplied locally under Kiwi Seed...


Kiwi Seed is much more than just seed and grain. Not only do we retail New Zealand’s top animal feed brands...

Your Wholesale Seed Suppliers

The face of Marlborough’s landscape has changed considerably into vineyards in the past two decades with flat pasture decreasing as a result. Whilst Kiwi Seed has supported the farming community with their diversification into viticulture its Major focus has now changed from supplying farmers with pasture seed at a local level to ensuring widespread seed availability through its Seed wholesaling network throughout New Zealand.

Kiwi Seed's farming partnerships have sustained the region and enabled them to supply other regions demand for grasses, clovers and winter forage through its seed multiplication business. Seed cleaning and grading is a mainstay of Kiwi Seed's business on both a private and contract basis.

Cereal and vegetable seed production have seen Kiwi Seed’s export business increase and forge links with overseas seed breeders and research groups.

It is Kiwi Seed's relationship with TasGlobal Seed - A research partnership between the University of Tasmania and the breeding team at Ardent Seeds, that has led to the introduction to the New Zealand market of some exciting new grass and clover cultivars that are proving to be important plants in New Zealand’s pasture environment.

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Grain and Seed Merchants

Kiwi Seed Co (Marl) Ltd

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