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Sheeps burnet

Sheeps burnet is a perennial herb with great medical benefits. The leaves have astringent and inflammatory properties, said to reduce diarrhoea, help with digestive complains as well as staunch bleeding inward and outward.
One way or the other it has great grazing qualities, both cattle and sheep will love this herb, which by the way tastes like a blend of cucumber and melon.

As a soil improver, which could be the more interesting factor to managers of healthy soils, Sheep`s burnet has a large tap root.
This tap root will draw up minerals and trace elements from subsoils and store them in the top layer of the soil. The tap root also makes it an ideal plant for lighter soils but Sheep`s burnet will grow on most, except heavy soils.
Being winter hardy and drought tolerant only adds to the long list of positive arguments for including this plant into pasture mixes and herbal lays. Due to its root system Sheep`s burnet will help control soil erosion and add to biodiversity at the same time.
This herb is low growing and a long lived plant, therefore fits perfectly into undervine and interrow plantings in vineyards, orchards and permanent mixed species pastures.

Last but not least Sheep`s burnet is finally back in stock at Kiwi Seed,
joining our popular range of cover crop and permanent dryland pasture seeds.

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