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Maize clover project Koromiko 2018

February 2018 - 2nd season of trials flying clovers over maize for early establishment mid Feb 2018.

Clovers used: Prima gland clover, Lusa persian clover, Hytas alsike clover, Rubitas red clover

Refer to our reports dated march 2018-2 and march 2018-3.

Follow up visit 18thMay.

Our farmer, drilled Italian ryegrass into the clovers and stubble shortly after harvest mid march (early for Marlborough).

The clovers have all developed very well, competing with the grass for space and light. All the species oversown can be identified and are large enough to fix N.

FAR have a report on clover/maize results (Issue 77) profitable maize growing with clovers well worth reading.

Profit aside, clovers provide todays missing factor. On farm biodiversity is a subject too important to ignore, working with nature and have nature work for you.


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