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The problem quickly became obvious. High rainfall during winter, clay soils and water draining from nearby hills effectively drowning 75% of the pastures, both old and new.

Plants are living organisms and require the essentials of life as we do in order to thrive.

A farm walk-talk on deep ripping fields and clearing drains proved very positive.

Marlborough clay valley soils are highly productive rated at 24 stock units per ha by the old Ministry of Agriculture, provided all the elements are in place.

Today these same fields are knee deep in mixed species pasture 60-70% clover as recommended by the Agriculture and Life science Division, Lincoln University. “This is what an animal will eat if it`s on offer” quote from MR sub clover, Dick Lucas.

Use the hot dry months of February to spread new clover, when the soil is exposed and seed to soil contact is at maximum. Kiwi Seed have in store 10 cultivars all with Tap roots, all highly productive and regenerative.

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