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Annual Clover over Maize

A further update to the silage maize plus sunflower crop near Picton.

Lusa Persian clover and Prima Gland clover was broadcast over the maize Feb 2018 at 10 kg by fixed wing aircraft.
This crop was harvested 9/3/2018 for silage as planned.

The strike of clover now exposed to the sun is most impressive. Whilst the plants are weak from lack of the daylight, expect rapid recovery now the maize is gone.

Local sceptics are now silent, plenty of seed found its way to ground level given the biomass on top. 3m tall Pioneer maize P7524 is an impressive sight, sown late October into a dairy shed effluent field provides plenty of nutrients for the crop and a good way to use excess nitrates.

Further updates will be provided as we move forward.

Fresh feed samples have been posted for analysis of sunflower/ maize vs maize alone.

March 2018 2

March 2018 2 2