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Annual Clover over Maize review
March 2017, Koromiko Dairy farm near Picton
Annual clover broadcast over mature maize by fixed wing plane. Well worth a follow up visit 12 months on.

The paddock today has 80% clover. Red and white clover plus 50% Lusa Persian clover.
This was a surprise given it`s annual status.

Lusa`s point of difference from other Persian clovers:
Lusa is late to flower plus 50% hard seed content. One or both of these factors must have attributed to the second season.

Yes, it`s a large amount of clover and yes bloat would need to be considered.
On the plus side protein in the front end, protein out the back.
Protein makes muscle and milk, this is where the money is.
N fixation is the bonus and no bills from your fertiliser company at least not for artificial N.

2018 project broadcast Feb, watch this space.

March 2018 3

March 2018 3