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A true story of success

Mixed species pasture in a dry north facing hill site, Omaka Valley Arrowleaf Clover

Thanks to Bruce Webb for allowing us to do this photo series on his property.

 Arrowleaf Clover 1

Arrowleaf Clover 2


21 November 2013

Flowering allowed, imagine the amount of seed in a 70 mm long seed head

Filling up the seedbank in the first year is crucial.

Arrowleaf Clover 3

Arrowleaf Clover 4

11 March 2014

The open paddock and plenty of sun are helping to soften hard seed for next year.

 Arrowleaf Clover 5

Arrowleaf Clover 6

25 March 2015

Morning dew and few showers have allowed to get seedlings going and there are millions of them.

Arrowleaf Clover 11

28 July 2015

A carpet of clover.

Arrowleaf Clover 8

 Arrowleaf Clover 9

6th August 2015

clover plantain, cocksfoot growing nicely.

Arrowleaf Clover 12

Arrowleaf Clover 13

7th September 2015

ready for grazing in a couple days, look at all the prime feed.

Arrowleaf Clover 14

Arrowleaf Clover 15

25th September 2015

Cattle are doing exceptionally well, no wonder looking at the leaf size this clover has.

Arrowleaf Clover 16

Arrowleaf Clover 17

30 October 2015

still grazing?

Arrowleaf Clover 18

6 November 2015

Again, its been a very dry season so far, clover that has been missed by cattle is starting to flower.

Who said top flowering annuals are a waste of time.
Looking forward to next year...