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Vintage Harvest

Old Blokes and Vintage machinery harvesting Kiwi Seed basic Durum Wheat and Omaka Barley.

It`s the 22 February 2017, the grain is ready and the weather is just right for harvesting wheat here in Marlborough.

Spectators between 7 month and 80 plus years came to see how wheat was being harvested the old fashion way.

The Brayshaw Vintage Machinery club of Blenheim has approached Kiwi Seed earlier in the season to give the old Harvester another go. The Club members spend endless hours getting the machine ready and running again. It took a bit to get going at first but there was no shortage of professional advise.

Hooked up to an Allis Chalmers tractor the harvester made a marvellous job threshing our small basic seed production lot.

Thank you to everyone involved. What a great way to bring back memories of the past and to pass on forgotten skills like sowing a full 60kg hessian bag by hand.

Vintage Harvest

Vintage Harvest 1

Vintage Harvest 2

Vintage Harvest 3