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Vineyard Pasture Management

With an early harvest expected again this year it is a great opportunity to get some beneficial pasture into your vineyard post-harvest. The soil temps will still be high, moisture will be there (rain will come - you know it!) and anything planted will take off and establish well before the winter comes.

Take the opportunity to put back what the grapes have taken from the soil.

Beneficial grasses, clovers and cover crops will capture nitrogen and give your plants a boost in the spring resulting in a healthy bud burst!

Prosper Tall Fescue – A winter active grass

New vineyard developments should take close notice of this cultivar. It captures nitrogen during growth in the winter and then releases it into the summer months as it goes dormant - Provides ground cover keeping weeds at bay without the excessive mowing! Provides a great grazing option for sheep up until the sheep are removed from the vineyard. As the demand for moisture and nutrients begins in spring this cultivar shuts up shop for the summer!

Damaged Headlands??

We have got a range of fast growing Rye-grasses in stock for those heavy traffic areas.

Revitalise with Winter Cover crops

We have all options to suppress weeds, build productive soil, and help control pests and diseases. Oats, Barley, Mustard, Lupins are all in stock. Tick beans can also be sown – let us know if you want these so we can get them into stock.