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Clover growth is now underway for the coming season here in Marlborough. There has been little rain, but shorter daylight hours urge the plants on.

A follow up visit on a spring sown mixed species pasture near Renwick shows Rubitas red clover as a dominant clover. It is easily recognised by the large white marks on its leaf.

The growth on show is very impressive. This will provide nutritious feed for livestock over the coming spring and summer as red clover is rich in protein, minerals and soluble carbohydrates. Rubitas is a short, prostate red clover and as a result of this is more suitable for grazing than hay making.

The most exciting feature about rubitas is its stolons above and underneath the ground. These stolons increase the tolerance to extended periods of grazing over other red clover varieties. This, together with its deep taproot make it an ideal candidate for summer dry, east coast pastures and a great companion for cocksfoots, megatas and herbs such as plantain and chicory.

Be sure to consider Rubitas next time you come to us at Kiwi Seed to help plan a new pasture mix.