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Silage results Maize vs Maize/Sunflower

Well, well, well what a result, it is better than expected.
ARL test results below.
A 30% increase in Protein, wow.
There are two main aspects in feed stuffs: Protein and energy.
Sceptics will argue, cows don`t need protein from the pit. Cows pick up protein from available pasture.
True enough, but if you can produce stored feed with a better balance of protein to energy at less cost than just energy with no loss of yield or ME, why wouldn`t you?
Read the test - energy is not compromised.

All feed stuff in our retail store are rated P and ME. None, none have a protein as low as 7.0, why?
Because the nutritionist understands a balance is needed to a greater or lesser extent for all classes of animals under our care.
Simple, cost effective and natural, even our insects receive a feed.
Work with nature and have nature work for you.
Talk to Maren or Bruce on this subject.