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Insecticide drenched, potted flower plants sold by UK Garden Centres, may prove to be very unfriendly to our essential Pollinators.

The Horticultural Trades Association is definitely missing the bigger picture. I am referring here to a publication in the journal Environmental Pollution, May 2017 by David Goulson

http://splash.sussex.ac.uk/blog/for/dg229/2017/06/01/pesticides-in-beefriendlyflowers#.WYZ8zeybSCI.mailto Scientist in the UK have screened different plants labelled as bee friendly for pesticides.

The results are shocking. Is this an issue here in NZ- I am not sure but I do understand that bees and other beneficial insects are having a very difficult time worldwide and need every help they can get.So what can you do?

Purchasing potted plants from organic nurseries is one option. Better is growing plants from untreated seeds yourself. This is a safe way to help increase biodiversity in your patch of land be it backyard, orchard, vineyard or farm.

Small packets of Wildflower mix are back in store. Please contact me direct for bigger wildflower quantities.


Phacelia, Buckwheat, Alyssum, Clover and more to attract beneficial insects and bees are in stock.

Please place your seed orders as soon as possible so we can do our best to serve everyone this spring.

Looking forward to some colour.


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