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Arrotas Arrowleaf clover

Arrotas is a new age top flowering annual clover producing very large D.M. returns over the months Oct, Nov, Dec flowering mid Dec. Arrotas first arrived in NZ 2007 at which point Lincoln University Ag and life science Div, laid down trials of Arrotas with Leura Sub clover and Nomad white clover as comparison.

The end result of DM returns per ha as follows.

Arrotas 9800 kg DM/ha
Leura 3370 kg DM/ ha
Nomad 1790 kg DM/ ha

A Number of trials have since been placed throughout the east coast of both islands were Arrotas has proven the standout legume, these results have created strong interest in the lower North Island, where commercial use is well underway.


Photo: Arrotas flowering end December 2013.

Tempello Station is our seed production site this harvest, where threshing the crop is expected the first week of February. Our fingers are crossed at this point with regard to a satisfactory yield of seed.

cut arrotas

Photo: Arrtotas cut for seed production 2014 harvest.

In summary Arrotas clover will provide a large volume of high protein, nutritious feed for livestock when other plant species have run to seed, Arrotas is able to keep producing leaf and stem well into summer due to the deep taproot and access to subsoil moisture.

One negative Arrotas will not survive winter wet soil conditions but given a dry site with a clay sub soil, nothing will come near it. Will Arrotas be an asset on your property, it`s highly possible.

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