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Omaka Valley Pasture Project

Top flowering annual clovers

Clarence Bridge Trial is on hold at present, the earthquake aftermath in this area being serious to very serious.

I can report on the pasture improvement project in the Omaka Valley, near Renwick. This project to improve productions on dry, medium Marlborough hill country by the owner Bruce Webb.

First season 2013, North facing hillsides, sprayed then direct drilled March 2013 with the following:
Uplands Cocksfoot, Pasture brome, Prosper tall Fescue, Prima gland clover, Cefalu Arrowleaf clover, Leura Subclover, Strawberry clover, Tonic Plantain.

Establishment was very good with a seed set/ drop in October/ November 2013
From this point on the pasture was grazed as normal, with the exception of very hard grazing in Feb. this to bare the ground and soften the hard seed of the annual clovers for the new growing cycle, starting with autumn rain or dews.

Today the grasses look fine, of the clovers the Arrowleaf is the standout performer. In a dry situation Arrowleaf is productive and non- bloating. Arrowleaf will not tolerate wet feet. Lusa Persian clover and Hytas Alsike clover will tolerate wet feet and thrive.

In the right place with the right selection top flowering annual clovers will return a handsome return to the grower over the months Oct, Nov, Dec and past Christmas.

Top flowering annual clovers may be used as annuals or like Bruce Webb used as part of a permanent Pasture.

Photos attached taken 13/12/2016, who said annual clovers won`t persist and remain productive.
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Top flowering annual clovers 2

Top flowering annual clovers 3

Top flowering annual clovers 6

Top flowering annual clovers 7