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Kiwi Seed

  • Kiwi Seed was established in 1989. The intention being to establish a Marlborough owned Grain and Seed Company offering independent advice and product options to the farming community.

  • Adult beef cattle were grazing the trial on this visit..

  • At Kiwi Seed, we are constantly looking at old and new varieties on the market that have potential to help improve our clients needs.

  • Black Oats can be used as a protective cover crop for erosion control especially in newly established vineyards.


    Sheeps burnet is a perennial herb with great medical benefits. The leaves have astringent and inflammatory properties, said to reduce diarrhoea, help with digestive complains as well as..

  • Cover crops are becoming more fashionable and so they should be for very good reasons.

  • Murray Gane is a cropping and viticulture expert from Rapaura in Marlborough..

  • Dryland Pasture Trial Waipapa Clarence Bridge sown 26/03/14 by Kiwi Seed.

    Companion grass/clover assessments- plot walk 24/11/14 with interested local sheep and beef farmers.

  • Runner II Lucerne

    Steve MacKenzie who farms in the Wairau Valley west of Blenheim reports his Runner II Lucerne stand is producing above his expectations.
    Sown Spring 2014, Runner was selected for fine stems and high leaf ratio.

  • Old Blokes and Vintage machinery harvesting Kiwi Seed basic Durum Wheat and Omaka Barley.

  • Arrotas is a new age top flowering annual clover producing very large D.M. returns over the months Oct, Nov, Dec flowering mid Dec. Arrotas first arrived in NZ 2007 at which point Lincoln University Ag and life science Div, laid down trials of Arrotas with Leura Sub clover and Nomad white clover as comparison.

  • The results have been quite outstanding.

  • Clarence / Waipapa - Grasses and Clovers: Companion Trial - Farmers Field Visit 8 June 2015 2pm - 4pm

  • Clarence Bridge Pasture Trial - Observation and Score 27th June 2016


    Extreme dry for the second season in a row, overall the grass content is in the trial is coping well. Cocksfoots are the stand out plants, ryegrass look ok given the conditions.
    Two exceptions, Gala grazing brome and Maru Phalaris are very weak with a big drop in plant numbers.

  • Beef and Lamb NZ organised a farm visit on the property of Hugo and Kelly Pitts at “The Jordan”, halfway up the Awatere Valley..

  • Maize clover project Koromiko 2018

    February 2018 - 2nd season of trials flying clovers over maize for early establishment mid Feb 2018.

  •  Silage results Maize vs Maize/Sunflower. Well, well, well what a result, it is better than expected..

  • From browntop and danthonia to cocksfoot, brome grass, winter fescue and clovers.

  • Dryland pasture trial, “Waipapa” Clarence Bridge
    Kiwi Seed staff Bruce and Tim with Agricoms Mark Kearney walked and talked through the trail area with a number of interested local sheep and beef farmers.