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Cereals are commonly sown in vineyards during the colder month of the year to increase the organic matter in the soil, as erosion control, relative vigour of the vineyard etc.

Cereals can be sown as monoculture or in a mix with legumes, brassicas, chenopods and herbs such as plantain and chicory.

The main cereals used are:


Typically used when sowing is delayed as it`s the most cold tolerant cereal. Ryecorn is also the most drought tolerant cereal therefor best on sandy and rocky soils. It grows rapidly, forms a dense tall stand with an extensive root system. 


Black Oats

More tolerant to wet and heavy soils with moderate fertility, drainage and low ph than other cereals but tolerantes wide range of soil.


Fast growing cereal with more tillers than Ryecorn or Oats, perfectly suited to dry or salty soils.