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On November 20th viticulturists were invited by Chris Henry from Henry Manufacturing to a presentation led by Professor Derek Moot and Dr Mike Trought in Renwick.

The aim of this was to tackle the subject of using legumes to increase nitrogen and fertility in the vineyard.

Professor Moot is ,without a doubt, a leading figure on the subject of legumes. His knowledge was evident on the day as no questions went unanswered.

  For more information about this presentation go to: http://www.henrymanufacturing.co.nz/viticultural-practice/ to view the presentations under the introducing nitrogen heading.

Points of interest were:

  • One of the quickest and most efficient ways to icrease nitrogen is to have it pass through an animal and onto your pasture.
  • The ideal carbon to nitrogen ratio is 20:1 and this is important to monitor during soil tests  because at this ideal level the decomposing organisims can get all the nitrogen they need from the organic matter.
  • 100kg of dry matter will fix 30kg of Nitrogen.

When driving around the country, it is surprising how many vineyards lack a decent level of clover with their grasses.

There are many clovers to choose from and they are not as expensive as you may think.

Talk to us here at Kiwi Seed today to start increasing fertility in your vineyard by planting clovers.