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Last week we were invited by Simon Fowler to visit  'The Bounds' which is located up the Wairau Valley.

The purpose of this visit was to view some steep hill country blocks and evaluate the clover.

The Fowlers are Merino farmers who, like all primary producers, are striving to improve productivity and yield.

Simon has oversown two steep hill blocks with clovers and cocksfoot in the last 8 years.

While this was slow to begin with, these blocks are full of sub-clover today.

Mid-late flowering sub clover varieties such as Campeda, Seaton Park and Denmark were slected as the best for this steep dryland, upeer Wairau Valley area.

Ewes and lambs were grazing these blocks and they looked to be doing exceptionally well.

The ewes were successfully producing milk for their lambs while also gaining weight which is ideal for this time of year.

Results of this type definitely build confidence that increasing legume content of pastures is a way to increase productivity and yield while improving overall pasture conditions.

Even in a dryland hill country environment, this is still possible.

Come and talk to us at Kiwi Seed today about the variety of clover options available and how you can use this to increase productivity without spending a fortune.