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Vegetable Seed

For the last 20 years Kiwi Seed Co. has been multiplying high quality Vegetable Brassica Seed for Export to EU, India and Asian Markets. Expert knowledge, specialized equipment and Kiwi know how has seen Kiwi Seed working together with different experts throughout the world.

Pasture - Grasses and Clovers

Different Pasture seeds, such as Clover, Lucerne and Grasses are multiplied locally under Kiwi Seed Production Management mainly for the NZ Market but also for Australia. Kiwi Seed has developed an agreement with TasGlobal and Ardent Seeds in Tasmania, Australia to market and distribute its range of cultivars. Tasmania is on the same latitude as Marlborough and its weather patterns sre similar. It experiences the extremes of hot summers and cold winters. The cultivars that have come out of this research team are extremely exciting. The root systems these species are displaying are extensive and supporting the plant through the most difficult drought conditions.

See our range of Dryland pasture species for more information

Cereals and Grains

Kiwi Seed contracts and supports local farmers to produce Cereals (Wheat, Barley and Oats) to supply NZ Companies with high quality Grain both for human and animal consumption.

They are sold in bulk or in smaller amounts through the retail store.

Enquiries for bulk purchases are welcome on the number or email address below.