Update Clarence Bridge pasture trial, sown 26th March 2014 - Next Farmers Field Day: 8th June 2015

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Update Clarence Bridge pasture trial, sown 26th March 2014 - Next Farmers Field Day: 8th June 2015

Clarence / Waipapa - Grasses and Clovers: Companion Trial - Farmers Field Visit 8 June 2015 2pm - 4pm

Days Presenter - Robert Dent B AgSci (Hons)CPAg. Plant breeder, Farmer, Businessman. Robert operates a Government reserch farm near Launceston in Tasmania, AUST.

Expected Duration - 2 Hrs 

Meet - Waipapa Farm woolshed: 100m up the Waipapa Rd on the right

View and discuss the the relationship between 150 different combinations of clovers and grasses

Register your interest at info@kiwiseed.co.nz  All welcome - See you there!



Hard grazed by sheep Feb/March 2015

Observation visit 08/04/2015

1) First observation – extremely dry, drought conditions.

2) Second observation expected conversion from clover to grass as the dominant species for winter grazing and nitrogen utilization very evident.

3) Third observation- browntop recovering in the ryegrass plots, but all other species still clean of browntop.

4) All grass species established well

Under drought conditions the following grasses stand out
Exceltas coloured brome, Easton tall fescue, Prosper tall fescue, Kahu timothy

Kahu Timothy is the surprise given its recommendation for high rainfall, wet soil situations it may have wider
application in pastures than expected.

5) Clover production was almost nil, due to heavy grazing and drought conditions,
plants of the following we could find:

Annuals: Woogenellup sub clover and to a lesser extent Rosabrook sub clover
Perennials: Rubitas red clover, Runner II Lucerne and Strawberry clover

Since our visit rain has fallen in the area, seed on the ground should have germinated, setting up next seasons
money making months, OCT, Nov, Dec.

The trial contains 150 combinations of grass/ clover for your assessment.

Cocksfoot trying hard to move on and grow.

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